Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. Khan, M.D., has special training in forensic psychiatry and has been appointed a psychiatric expert in State and Federal Court for both Civil and Criminal procedings. He is available for consultation on medical-legal issues, for forensic psychiatric evaluations, record reviews, and for expert testimony. He has written and presented on a variety of forensic psychiatric topics, including:

  • Suicide
  • Veteran psychiatric issues in the criminal justice system
  • Dangerousness
  • Military psychiatry
  • Competency to stand trial
  • Firearms and mental health
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder based arguments in criminal defense

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We aim to bring you the most comprehensive and up to date treatments for disorders such as major depression, persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia), bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and related disorders.

Since mood and anxiety disorders are often a focus during pregnancy, we provide reproductive psychiatry, including treatment of mood and anxiety disorders prenatally and during the post-partum period (post-partum depression).

Since mood and anxiety symptoms often co-occur with other conditions, we often treat individuals with a wide range of other conditions. For example, we frequently treat mood and anxiety disorders in persons with personality disorders and autism spectrum disorder.

Since attentional symptoms frequently may lead to mood or anxiety problems, we are also experts in the treatment of ADHD. Many patients with mood and anxiety disorders may use substances to self medicate. We treat substance use disorders as well, including treating opioid dependence with buprenorphine.

We use a multidisciplinary approach that is evidence based. Our medical director, Dr. Asad Khan, is an assistant professor of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry at West Virginia University and Florida State University, and has more than 26 years of experience. He is a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He is experienced in treating adolescents and adults across the lifecycle.

Dr. Khan has built a multidisciplinary team with cutting edge researcher on grief, a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a background in child and adult psychopharmacology. Our team further includes outstanding nursing staff and TMS technicians. Our multidisciplinary staff ensures that as a practice we are bringing a wealth of perspectives and cutting edge practices to our treatments.

We are experts in mood and anxiety disorders, and for this reason, many patients with treatment resistant depression seek us out. Some of these patients will be recommended to receive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) or Ketamine infusions. However, we treat patients with a wide range of symptom severity, from mild to the most severe. You need not have treatment resistant symptoms to be a patient.

Yes, we collaborate with a range of practitioners. Some patients have a primary psychiatrist and come to us for a consultation or additional (adjunctive) treatments, or for psychotherapy. Other patients have a psychotherapist and seek out our help for the psychiatric component of their treatment (e.g. medication). Still other patients come to us without having any current mental health treatment in place.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a cutting edge treatment for depression that is non-invasive and which does not involve medication. It is covered by insurance and is available in our office.

Ketamine is a cutting edge medication treatment for depression, which involves receiving an intravenous infusion of Ketamine in small doses. Please conatct us for further details.

We believe that a commitment to mental wellness is more important than ever in our complicated world. In order to foster full utilization of our mental health services, we offer a 6 month concierge practice membership which includes access to psychopharmacology treatment visits without cancellation policies or prescription charges. Please speak with the office for further details.

Yes, TMS and Ketamine treatment packages are available for those patients who meet clinical criteria for these treatments. Call our office for further details.

We are out-of-network for insurance companies. You will be provided with itemized invoices which can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement. We accept credit card payments.

TMS is covered by private insurance companies. Although we are out-of-network, we are able to contract with the insurance company on a case by case basis in order for the insurance to directly cover your TMS treatment.

Ketamine is an off-label treatment, and insurance companies do not cover Ketamine infusions for depression. However, the treatment will often be partially reimbursed by insurance companies because it involves some medical treatments that are covered (e.g. IV placement, saline infusion, etc.).

Yes, insurance covers these treatments.

Yes, genetic testing is covered by private insurance companies and Medicare. Please check with our office for details.

We offer a variety of psychotherapies including supportive, psychodynamic, psychoanalytically oriented, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness based psychotherapy.

If you are primarily seeking medication therapy, you will typically be seen once per month. Psychotherapy is typically provided on a weekly basis, although it may involve more frequent sessions depending on the treatment plan.

We are open Monday through Friday. Generally, appointments are available between 8am and 8pm. Please contact the office to make an appointment.

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